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On the neighbourhood

Flash on my neighborhood! is an ongoing community-based participatory research program that aims to involve public housing tenants in the assessment and improvement of their residential environment (Houle et al., 2017). The ultimate objective is to increase public housing tenants’ health and well-being, and thus, reduce the socially-produced health inequalities they face compared to the general population.

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Project Synergie


The first site where the Synergie project took place was the HLM La Pépinière, located in the Mercier-Ouest district of Montreal. This social housing setting is comprised of 192 dwellings, including mainly two-storey buildings and a few town houses. The aim of this project was to increase participation level and to reach out to a variety of households to discuss the tenants’ perceptions of the strengths and needs for improving their residential environment.

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housing survey

The Canadian Housing Survey, 2018: Core housing need of renter households living in social and affordable housing.

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