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Getting Involved... What does it mean? 

Your participation will contribute to the advancement of knowledge through a better understanding of actions that can improve the well-being of people living in community housing. You will also have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and develop new skills, as well as develop relationships with your neighbors and senior decision-makers.

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How to Participate

You can get involved in the project by participating in upcoming community activities or joining the tenant advisory group.


The advisory group will consist of both the research team and tenants sitting down together to discuss the positive and negative aspects of living at Bank Street, in order to identify your needs. Then we will reunite around the same table and form a community advisory committee in which the goal is to discuss and collaborate with executives and decision-makers from four sectors: housing, municipality, community organizations, and health.


Finally, once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we will be onsite with community activities that you can participate in so that we can get to know each other!


You may also contact us here at any time. 



It is possible that your participation creates negative feelings since we will be addressing issues regarding well-being and your living environment. Facilitators are present and available to provide support to all participants throughout the project. If participants need services, the facilitators make sure to provide support or referral to relevant local resources.


Your participation in this project is voluntary. This means that by participating, you are agreeing to participate in the project without any coercion or external pressure and that you may withdraw from the study at any time without any prejudice and without the need to justify your decision. However, as the data collected will come from group meetings, it will be impossible to withdraw your comments in case of withdrawal.


In addition, your acceptance or refusal to participate in one part or in the overall project will not have any negative effect on your participation in the rest of the project, your relationship with members of the research team or with the OCH.


Your agreement to participate also implies that you agree that the research team may use for the purposes of this research (articles, dissertations and theses of student team members, conferences and scientific posters) the data collected provided that no identifying information is publicly disclosed unless expressly consented by you.

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